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Counting Down to My New House

I am praying very hard for my house to be ready in end of 2009. The latest is 2010. By then, I will have to be my own interior designer, painter, mover and decorater. I can’t wait to do that with my lovely future wife. Have been thinking for awhile, what kind of basic furniture does a complete house has in it?! I have listed a few and I presume that this is also my wish list! Haha! No idea what to get for me for my housewarming? Read on please… (tricky eh?) Embarrassed

livingroom Living room-Sofa.TV.TV cabinet.Coffee table.Curtain.DVD player.Lights.Fan

Dining Hall-Dining table.Chairs.Lights diningroom

kitchen Dry Kitchen-Refrigerator.Dish cabinet.Water dispenser.Kettle.Rice Cooker.Pan.Spoons.Forks.Dishes.Bowls.Chopsticks.Cups.Waste basket


Wet kitchen-Washing machine.Stove.Cutting board.Knives.Gas.Waste basket

masterbedroom Masterbed room-Bed.Closet.Mirror table.Fan.Light  

Second room-Bed.Closet.Fan.Light

Study room-Table.Chair.Computer.Fan.Light

Bathroom-Basket.Mirror.Pails.Toilet roll holder.Soap dish.Light.Towel holder bathroom

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