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A decision has been finalised…

It’s entering the second half of the year already… June is here… 2008 will be gone in a glance.
What have I achieved? Or should I say, what have I done so far?
NO idea. 
I know I have made certain decisions wrongly. But there’s no way to change it anymore. The decision has been made and what I can do is to go through the hard times strongly and I know a brighter future is right ahead.
Furthermore, it’s not a bad decision. It’s actually a good thing which maybe burdening me now. It might be the timing which is not right but it’s not a wrong thing that I’ve done.
I have faith in myself. I know I can go through this, strong (but tough!).
But I will go through it…
I am a person who NEVER believe in regretting after making a decision. Though I always believe that after a decision is made, I will have to face it no matter how hard it is.
Note : A few of my close friends from my previous company thought that I am talking about changing job here… But just want to clarify, this blog is not related to my decision of changing job.

1 thought on “A decision has been finalised…”

  1. "People who are vigilant do not die; people who are negligent are as if dead." Shakyamuni. No matter what decision u have made, take charge and move on. If its really a wrong decision, pick up the learning experience and re-shape the path. Seek for wisdom. Never be intensed by others judgement.


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