My Return to Templer’s Park

It has been a very long time I have not been to Templer’s Park. I still remember it was a usual place for my friends and I to venture during the scouts time. So fast, it was more than 10 years ago!!! Ouch!

The return brought back a lot of memories to me. That’s so fascinating! Unbelievable… 10 years!

As usual, my father who loves this kind of places, led us to the waterfall spot. With all the food and picnic utensils in hand, we walk our way happily, struggling to get rid of leeches and mosquitoes.

Reaching the waterfall was so fruitful and it was indeed still very beautiful and scenic. What more?! Let’s party!!! We cleaned up the camp spot and my father started the fire for BBQ. At the meantime, we jumped into the cool water and relaxed.

I was very glad to see the water is very clear and grateful that the cleanliness there was still in order. Thank you so much for everyone whom has been doing their part in keeping the nature healthy and clean.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Yay!!! Let’s go to the waterfall…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Look at all the things in our hands… This was the most important one… The marinated chicken wings!!!


CIMG9356 The blue-ish leaves we saw along the path. Magical nature…

CIMG9372 Be careful… this is another task for us!

CIMG9373 Dried leaf… Eh, macam tak pernah tengok daun…

CIMG9384 A scene from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"… Hahaha!

help  Help!!! This is tough!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Come. Let me help you, dear!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This way please!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Look at this zig-zag pathway…

CIMG9400 At last!!! The beautiful waterfall…

CIMG9481 Everyone jumped into the water already…

CIMG9410 Fishing anyone?!

CIMG9418 CIMG9420 CIMG9421 CIMG9461

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         With my dear Mein…

CIMG9407 A big ant we saw…

CIMG9500 Our camp site…

CIMG9504 BBQ Buffet…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Crystal clear water… Love it!

Guess what we saw when we walked back?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The footprints of wild boars!!! RUN!!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Introducing the leech which sucked my blood… You naughty lil’ vampire!

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