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Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Center

Found a "new" place for breakfast – Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre. We were excited for this breakfast trip as it’s supposed to be a small celebration for my best friend.

Everything went well except the lady who served us. She was rather rude to us. I’m not sure if she’s got a double standard attitude or what but we felt that. We were treated badly and she even dare to argue back with me. The conversation goes like this :

I passed the order list to that lady and said : These are our order for now.

Lady : This is already so many!

Me : You mean you’re going to bring everything at one go to our table?

Lady : Yes, of course! (in a stern manner) Why don’t you order again later when you finish the first round?

Me : Well, nevermind. We’ll finish up slowly.

Lady : I’m just worried if the food becomes cold. Then that’s not good loh… (in a sarcastic way)

Me : You just bring the food here. We’ll sit here as long as we want!

We went there just to try out there food and wanted to relax after the long week of working but she’s spoilt our day. The whole morning, we just felt disturbed by this lady.

Their service was damn poor. After finishing our first round, we ordered another 2 plates of egg tarts, separately, one by one. The first plate came and my friend ordered another plate with another waiter (man). He then placed the order to the kitchen. Later the lady came and tidy up our table. Assuming that we’ve finished our food and rushed us to leave. We sat quietly thinking that the second plate of egg tart is coming but it didn’t show up. We asked the lady to check with the kitchen, and guess what’s the response of the lady?

Lady : Why don’t tell earlier?! I’ve tidy up everything only you say. (With a bad face, she went to the kitchen)

My friend told her to check with the kitchen. If the tarts weren’t ready, just leave it. We’ll leave and go. She then went to the kitchen but never came back. Until a very long time, my friend called her again asking about the egg tarts. She then only told us that the tarts were finished. *Pissed off!*

Paid the bill and left.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t want to come back to this place ever again. At the first place, it’s not easy to find such "ulu" place. With such service, I guess the best thing for them to do is to close down!

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Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures

Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara

Price : RM33.00++ (drinks and pickles charged separately)

*You decide whether to try them out or not

5 thoughts on “Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Center”

  1. I sent a complaint letter to them yesterday. The management came back and apologized. They tried to call me but the phone number I gave them was wrongly entered. I provided them again my correct phone no. Let\’s see how long they take to respond.
    *I don\’t mean to be nasty or mean but customers are always right! This is my right to get the best service equally.


  2. The GM of this restaurant has called me to apologise and promised to get his marketing people to send something to me. Let\’s see how well they can handle this complaint.


  3. This is a comment from a friend who read my blog :
    My comment about your bad experience at Chinese restaurant, Sime Darby Convention Centre:They even worst than Bak Ku Teh restaurant in Petaling Street! If I were you, I will not leave the restaurant until they give me discount or anything to satisfy myself!  Furthermore, we didn’t expect FOC food from them. I will call the manager or owner to explain. The Manager need to know their actual staff behavior and horrible service (especially that *&^@#^ lady).  Restaurants live or die on service and satisfied customers that become return customers.


  4. Dear Dixon and friends,
    It appears that you\’d had an unfortunate experience there. I do agree with you that the service there could be better. I personally had been there twice but they were just busineslike and \’did-their-work". However, I\’d had both experiences. Try this next time: be nice to them as ask them for their suggestions as they are the pro. (We tried that there and they brought us the food in 3 sperate rounds, best selections too, and came by our table each time to see if everything\’s good and what else would we like to try 😉 We received really good service that time!)


  5. Dear Jasmine,
    Thanks for your suggestion. But I\’m definitely won\’t be going back there to use your method. I\’ll try to do that in other place perhaps! 🙂
    Nice receiving your great idea. 🙂


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