Our Wedding

16 July 2008

The day we submitted the form together. What we got back is a piece of letter telling us to come back for the ceremony on 29 September 2008 – a date I chose. It’s my birthday.

skydark The sky was dark along the way to Putrajaya

JPNbig Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara in Putrajaya

JPNtitle JPNin

letter I got this back! 

photos Our photos will be displayed here for 21 days

Tips to all future "husbands and wives" who are planning to get married in JPN :

1) Just bring your MyKad and 1 passport-sized photo.

2) You can get the registration form from the counter.

3) The staff there are very polite.

* This is only applicable for both parties whose address are in the same state.

1 thought on “16 July 2008”

  1. This is a wish from a friend who read this blog :
    Congratulations to both of you on ur marriage registration! Welcome to the club!


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