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What have I done so far on this “auspicious” day?
1. Woke up and packed my bags
2. Dropped Mein at the LRT station
3. Gym-ing
4. Reached office and switched on PC
5. Online and online
6. Still online
7. Lunch – Had a bowl of vegetarian fish head meehoon
8. Continue online
9. Thought of writing something on 080808
10. Looked for suitable pictures for this blog
11. Found and ammended (as per above) (original picture found here)
12. Updating this blog…
All I know is that everyone is waiting to go home to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
Do I think that this is an auspicious day? No, I don’t. DO YOU?
Note : I later found out that the colourful stripes has something related to gay/homosexuality. Well, I learned something new today and I have nothing against it. I would continue to have the stripes posted here in my blog unless being objected by anyone. Hey, CHEERS!!!

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