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Long time no see

Two of my bestest friends came to UM to pay me a visit. Well, I was there for something, but that’ not important… Sarah and Mahathir came to UM and showed me their ENGAGEMENT photos!!! YES!!! Both of them got engaged (bertunang).

A little history : When I was studying in UUM, we knew each other very well. Three of us were quite active in JPPK and all those co-curricular activities. At that time, they were just normal friends.

NOW : They are engaged and it was very surprising to all of us. Shocked but very happy for them.

Wishing them all the best together and get married fast fast!!! Haha!!!

couple1 mahathir1 sarah1

PS : Mahathir, ingat! Jangan biar sejarah Siti N berulang – berkahwin dengan laki yang bermisai lebat!!! Haha!!! Just joking…

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