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A Tribute to Malaysia : My TOP 10

The 51st Merdeka is coming… Came across this particular website The Malaysia Page and wanted to give it a try to WIN this meaningful book. Let’s cross fingers!!!
26 years living in this country called Malaysia. What more can I say about it other than saying :“I love it!”
Apart from the hilarious “circus show” on our daily newspaper nowadays, I truely love the country as much as I love myself and my family.
The things that keep my heart and passion burning towards the country are as follow. I believe most Malaysians will agree with my points (not all maybe, but some…)
1. Durian
The king of fruits which can be found easily here. Anytime! Anywhere! Seasonal no more, the pungent but yet aromatic smell just can’t be missed. Imagine having putting a mouthful of yellowish durian, tastefully eaten and enjoyed… Yum Yum! Simply marvellous!
2. Siti Nurhaliza
Where else can you find a singer who can really sing with decent clothes on? I mean, yes Mariah Carey sings very well but without the skimpy and sexy clothes?! Since Siti entered the industry, I have been following the Malay music industry and she is the only one who can carry all sort of songs anytime anywhere! She boosts up the local scene to another level like what we have had for the past years (until she got married and slowed down in singing).
The once tallest building(s) in the world. Yes! We have two. They do look like corns to me but hey, who cares?! They are iconic and whenever people look at them, they’ll know that they represented Malaysia. Just like the magic of what Taj Mahal does for India, the Great Wall does for China and Eiffel Tower does for Paris. Get me?
4. Nasi Lemak
Whatever you call it in English, you can never find this else where. A plate of santan rice with a little bit of sambal, served with some fried anchovies, peanuts and slices of fresh cucumbers, eaten every morning! (OK! OK! I don’t eat it every morning as I’m on a diet. But hey, nothing to lose for eating a plateful of nasi lemak once a while.
P/S : Makcik, kasi nasi lemak kerang satu. Sambal banyak skit!
5. Peaceful Multi-racial Community
I have friends of ALL races; Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Eurasians, Mixed parentage like Malay-Chinese, Chinese-Indians, Malay-Indians etc etc. And yes we live happily ever after. I don’t know about others but at least myself and my friends are!
6. Melaka
Melaka is the state where I visited in my first excursion in my primary school era. I still remember how we enjoyed ourselves in various attractive places around like A Famosa, Crocodile Farm, Mini Malaysia, Museum Melaka and etc. How it got its name? – Well, Parameswara was sitting under a tree and he saw a mousedeer kicked a dog into the river. He then named the state according to the name of the tree he was sitting under, Pokok Melaka. It’s a good thing that the tree he was sitting under is called Pokok Melaka. Imagine what will this state called if he was under a Pokok Durian or a Pokok Jambu. Haha! LOL!
7. Penang
This is my second hometown. I am from KL and my future wife is from Penang, so… Every time driving along Penang Bridge, I feel very excited and looking at KOMTAR makes me feel that I’m home. This is quite personal to me. But there are a lot other places that I like like Gurney Drive, Batu Feringghi, Kek Lok Si Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple and others. However, I feel most comfortable in my future wife’s house in Lintang Macallum. I miss that place. Will going back there this Merdeka day!
8. Mamak Stalls
The only place which is so convenient especially when I feel hungry in the middle of the night. They just don’t sleep to serve all Malaysians. My personal favourites are rojak, roti tisu, mee goreng and Neslo ice. Anyone wana join me for a drink later… drooling…
P/S : Teh tarik satu, bos!
9. Bukit Bintang
This used to be my most frequented location during my secondary school time. Every weekends without fail, my best friend and I will walk around Bukit Bintang starting from Low Yat Plaza to Sg Wang Plaza, Lot 10 and lastly reaching Starhill. At that time, there was no Time Square and Pavillion. So… Although we didn’t actually buy anything every time we go but still we were so attached to this stretch of road and we had our favourite spot to rest and loiter around after tired of walking around.
10. Langkawi
The main reason I love Langkawi is the chocolates! Haha! Yes, I crave chocolates and whenever I’m there, I’ll be prepared to hit the gym more often when back. There are the ever famous Makam Mahsuri, Telaga Tujuh and Chenang Beach which I adore most.
Here are my TOP 10. What are yours?

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