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Proud of You Guys!!!


Hey guys & gals!!! Really proud of you!!! Keep up the good work and don’t let me down!!!

Puan Sri aka Tugu – I think you have contributed a lot to the team! That’s why you’ve won this! Remember : you are the monument and mascot of the team.

Sethu aka Kongkang – I have faith in you since day one and you’ve proven it! Well done!

Brian aka Boo boo fka Waterhorse – You’ve always worked hard for this. That’s why you truely deserve this.

Jay aka Uncle – You are the only technician that I know who work in an office but still perform his best! Keep it up!

Nizar aka Tikus – You are the one whom I always have faith in since UUM era. That’s why I recommended you to join the team. And this has proven it!

Rishi aka Shi shi – Well, you see! Coming back is a good choice. (This goes for Boo boo as well)


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