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Men’s Health RUN08 – My Proud Achievement

Just got back from the RUN08 which I was so excited about for the past few days. FYI, I did not get any medals. BUT I have my own proud achievements which none of us believe.

Well, my group (CF, Ip, Suki and I) for were all set for the RUN08. CF and I were both first timers while Ip and Suki have had experience in this kind of race before. Ip was a good runner and he has good stamina during school time (at least better than mine).

In this race, we were in the A category which is the Men Category. Medals will be given out for the first 75 runners who reach finish line first. I aimed for this medal since the first day. It actually inspired me to keep running without stopping and burned my spirit to fight till the end. But sad enough, I did not get any medals. Sad

What I am proud of is that among the four of us, I reached the finish line first! All the hard work actually paid off. Although the medals were not in my hands, but my sense of pride was there as I actually "defeated" all my friends. Another thing that I am proud of is that I actually ran (or jog) for the whole 10 km NON-STOP. I think I managed to finish within the first 100, which I think it’s a miracle for me. "Ney, not bad for a first timer!"

I am really proud of myself. Throughout my run, all I had in mind was NOT to lose to Ip. Also my good friend, Wilson Wong also played big part. I was thinking of him as well, inspired by his excellent sportsmen achievements in school previously. Thanks to the both of them for inspiring me to fight till the end.

Also not to deny, the medals were in my mind all the time too. It was calling out my name. *Sigh* I just did not work hard enough to grab one in hand. I’ve tried my best! I know I can do better in the next race (if there’s any).

There was this funny incident where CF asked us to take photo with Jojo Struys (a celebrity DJ). So what I did was I went straight head up approaching Jojo and asked her to take a photo. She agreed and I naturally passed the camera to CF and he helped took the photo only with me and Jojo in it! Haha! Jojo was right away occupied to be on stage and CF did not manage to snap any pictures with her thereafter. Blasting funny!!! He was damn pissed off but hey, be cool man! At least, you got a chance to meet her in-person! Hehe!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          The speed racers – Ip, me, Suki and CF

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Two thumbs up!

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Proudly presenting…The first two to finish the race! (Self-claimed Top 100)

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         With Jojo Struys



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         So many things in the goodie bag

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