Tote bags OR Plastic bags

Dear everyone (specifically for all shoppers / supermarket/ hypermarkets owners/ stalls operators and whoever),

Please stop using plastic bags to pack your goods. Bring your own recycle tote bags to pack them. This is to save the nature and the environment. Why should you do this? Simple – because you live in this world! And you have the responsibility to take care of it. Plastic cannot biodegrade easily and it will pollute the environment for a very long time. If it’s thrown in the sea, turtles may think that they are jellyfish and eat them causing them to die. Do you want this to happen to you where others give you something to eat and you die because of it? If yes, keep using plastic bags and feel free to throw them out of your windows. I wouldn’t block you.

I faced a very silly thing just now in Carrefour. Mein and I went to shop there just now and as usual brought our own tote bags. Before we entered, the security guard took out a big plastic bag and wanted us to put our environment-friendly bags into the plastic bag. I refused to do so. Then, I went to the customer service counter and told the lady to let us in as we just want to shop there with our own tote bags. She then led us to the security guard and told him to let us in. The security guard still insisted us to put our tote bags into a plastic bag. I hate this. I grabbed the smallest plastic bag there and put our stuff in. Story stopped!

What is the meaning of using a tote bag in a plastic bag???

Dear Carrefour (and other hypermarkets),

Please be more sensitive to the environment situation now and stop hiring security guards to bug shoppers who are carrying tote bags. We are of good intention to shop in your outlets and save our environment (which you are also staying in). If you are to encourage people to use their own bags, you can save a lot from stopping the use of plastic bags.

If you were me, what would you do? Will you bring your own tote bags in without putting them into a plastic bag or will you just carry your tote bag in a plastic bag?

plastic1 Our tote bags in a plastic bag… Yes, I know, it’s silly! But what can I do?

carrefour3 The security guard who was doing his job well (and his stack of plastic bags). It’s only the Management who needs to do something about the environment.

carrefour2 The row of electronic sensor to sense thieves and another security guard who was doing his job well. Then why still bother to hire the first security guard? Oh ya, I know! The first one was there to ‘waste’ plastics!

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