Childhood Toys… (the “NOW” version)

1) Ding Dang – 90 sens

DingDong1 DingDong2

A toy race car – WOW!

2) Tora – RM1.50


Animal puzzle – Ooohh!

3) KinderJOY – RM3.50

Kinder4 Kinder2 Kinder7

A … dunno what… – AH?! How to play??? 

(@O@) "’

2 thoughts on “Childhood Toys… (the “NOW” version)”

  1. dear lil siew keong,you really miss mein mein too much d…..hehehe…nothing better to do but to dig out the childhood toys huh..heehee..those were the happy memories right? wah now is 90cents..omg..last time i remember it was like 50 cents nia ke…hmmm….take care always…hugs,felicia


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