Our Wedding

1 September 2008

meinroses *27 Sept 2008 : updated photo 

1 September 2008 @ 11:10PM – She came back from Bangkok and I fetched her from Kuchai Lama. Drove ourselves to the park in Sri Petaling where we had our romantic night there last time during Valentine’s Day. Took out the red roses and the ring.

“Will you marry me?”

She nodded and cried.

I smiled.

8 thoughts on “1 September 2008”

  1. finally proposal but did u on ur knee? i know u say is old fashion, if u did i\’ll be more pround for u anyway wish u 2 happy ever after.


  2. Hi Thum, Congratulations… I wish in a few years time i can do the same even though i am still single… XD
    "She nodded and cried" it was really a very impotant moment for any women.. and u did it… Bravo!!
    Not to forget to wish u Happy Birthday Bro… May be we can come out and have tea with u , kok hang and chee fah too..
    "May the Guard of Angel always be with both of YOU Till Forever"


  3. Eric, thank you so much for the wishes. It meant a lot to us. Definitely we can meet up someday. How about during the Raya time? I\’m bored at home anyway! 🙂


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