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Welcome, baby Mia!

n662859288_1372892_9780 This is baby Mia. Isn’t she cute?

n662859288_1372893_702 This is Scott, baby Mia’s daddy.

n662859288_1372894_1605 This is Talei, baby Mia’s mummy.

n662859288_1380039_8330 This is baby Mia’s happy family.

Welcome to this beautiful world, baby Mia! I know you’ll do great in the future. Congratulations to Scott & Talei!

Looking at baby Mia reminds me of her parents and eventually brought me to think about my parents and all other parents in the world. I feel that parents are great people. Besides giving their children the best of what they have, they can always come up with lots of “the bests” for their children. For instance, they will always try to feed them with the best food, look for the best school in town, buy them the best looking clothes, find them the best environment to live in etc etc…

They are really courageous people. They are the only 2 person who will never remember what you’ve done wrong and will never forget what you’ve done them proud.

So, love your parents like how you love yourselves.

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