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Chili Espresso – A Great Experience!

We have got our time finally wanted to try the food in Isthmus. We have a few vouchers which we wanted to use since a long time but only until now we’ve got the chance to use it. It’s a RM50 discount voucher dining at Isthmus.

When we reached there, the polite waiter told us that they are closed only for private functions. But their coffee house called Chili Espresso is opened. So, we sat down and had a look at their menu. We checked with the waiter if we can use the voucher there. He checked with his superior and an assistant manager, Ms Michelle came to us and greeted us. She told us that we can use the voucher there nicely and I am very happy with their professionalism and fair treatment to all their guests.

Basically, they serve fushion food. Well, we were very much into western yesterday, so we ordered pasta and a chicken dish.

Mein ordered Pan tossed Pasta in Homemade Italian Tomato Sauce while I wanted Pan-seared Spiced Honey Chicken. As for drinks, Mein had a glass of Orange and Mango while I had their Fresh Banana, Yoghurt and Honey Smoothies.

Waited patiently at our table, we chatted and the waiter too came and had some short conversation with us. And he actually knew when to stop. That’s so great about him/them.

After around 15 minutes, another waiter came and told me that the chicken they had were not fresh and suggested to order another dish. Well, without further delay, I ordered a fish dish instead – Pan-seared Organic Farmed Barramundi.

Later, Mein’s pasta came. We tried and tasted the pasta. Incredible! The taste was very much near to perfection. We loved it. The only thing lacking was that they missed out the seafood which we wanted to add-on. But it’s ok. Just treat is a a way to cut down calories and cholesterol! Huh!!!

While waiting for my Barramundi to ready, a surprised complimentary bread was served to me. Very impressive. Not only they apologized for not having the chicken for me, they actually compliment their guests for waiting for the next dish. Two thumbs up!

Not long later, the fish swam to the table and I am glad that I can have a plate of protein-ful fish served right in front of me with healthy vegetables and sauce.

Oh, the drinks were great too! Naturally fresh and tasty!

menu drinks bread pasta pasta_meinfish 

Location :
Isthmus / Chili Espresso Unit B-G-3, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 KL.
How to go : They are at the Ground Floor of the building opposite Mid Valley (San Francisco entrance). Use the overhead bridge to cross the road.
Tel : 03-2282 8112 (restaurant) / 03-2282 6113 (office)

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