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Genting Trailblazer 2008 : My Definition of Extreme Leisure

After waiting for almost 2 months after registering Genting Trailblazer 2008, the moment has come. Frankly speaking, Chee Fah and I had NO idea of what Genting Trailblazer is all about. What we knew was that it’s a race where we need to run, jungle trek and go through various field obstacles. We do not know what will we face UNTIL we were given a briefing a day before the race. OMG! Both of us were like… "Can we just stay in the room and pretend that we are not registered???" Haha! Well, I was being too exaggerating.


Anyhow, after reporting ourselves at the counter, we got our room keys and checked in. We got a room which we think it’s a "heaven" before entering the "hell"!!! Hahaha! I got a chance to swim before the briefing started. Cool!


During the briefing, we were informed that this time, the run will be a part of the "Go-Green" campaign where everyone must take part to play a role of loving the environment. We are not allowed to bring in any disposable plastic bottles and throw rubbish in the jungle. We were given a green coloured water bottle each for race. Only one water station will be set after coming out of the jungle (near the long house area). I fully support the "Go-Green" motion and I have full played a role in the whole run. We did not bring any water bottles or any rubbish into the jungle. So, I’m proud of myself for that.


We had a dinner buffet in the coffee house. The food was so-so. Went back to the room early as we were full. Suddenly, thunder and rain came… OMG!!! In our heart, we were thinking, "How to run on slippery routes??? What more in the jungle!" *Sigh*


We were so bored that we went down to the lounge and had our supper. Guess what?! We had a foot long hot dog, a blueberry cheese cake, watermelon juice and mocktail of the month. We only spent 60 sens for all of these!!! Haha! The total bill was RM50.60. We used the Holiday Card worth RM50 given to us upon registration and topped up 60 sens for the meal. Very worth it! (Although the service there could be better!) So thoughtful of the organiser! Hahaha! (Burp! I am still full now…)


The sleepless night has passed. We woke up at 5.30am and prepared our breakfast; half boiled eggs, energy bars and soya bean milk. At same time, we did some stretchings and warmed up to prepare ourselves for the race.


It was still drizzling when we reported ourselves at the starting point and we knew that nothing can stop us from racing. Both of us were in Category D (Adventure Men) and were flagged off at 8.45am. It started on tar roads through the football field to the golf course. After the gold course, we had no turning back and dashed into the jungle. The jungle road was slippery and muddy. No worries! We were of no obstructions!

Throughout the whole journey in the jungle, we had to be careful and at the same time, FAST! Jungle trekking in a fast pace? – My first time. It’s extremely challenging as the routes were either too steep to climb up or to slide down. Chee Fah and I helped one another and the best part was that we had to drink water from the river as we did not bring any water with us. Never regretting this. The natural liquid was really refreshing and cooling.

After running and jungle trekking for a long long time, we finally reached the long house area where the water station was located. We refreshed ourselves for awhile and continued jogging back to the finishing line. Upon reaching the finishing line, we had to go through 15 field obstacles. We had to climb hills, swim across mud pools, climb walls, jump fences and all. It was tough but again, nothing can stop us!

Finally we reached the finishing line and got placing #30 in our Category D. It was surprising to us that as a first timer, we managed to end the race, safely, in the TOP 30 ranking! Kudos to Team D023!!! And we took 1 hour 56 minutes to complete the race. It’s a good record as we are sure that we will be back to break the record next year!

 obstacles The various obstacles to go through before ending the race.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The bathing place…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Various poses with my medal…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Go Green by planting trees, Jojo Struys planted this one.


Completed the race in 1 hour 56 minutes @ placing #30 in Category D (Adventure Men)             

Trailblazer08-map The Route Map – 14km of excitement!!!

3 thoughts on “Genting Trailblazer 2008 : My Definition of Extreme Leisure”

  1. Yeoh bro.. good men!!! As u and chee fah been doing something that nowdays the town people will never do it.
    Dashing into the jungle and going through the mud pool its something challenging but yet u always mentioned "Nothing can stop us"
    Gamabteh….. and to answer your question why in BM in my blog….  the answer is simple.. Just for fun and sometimes i see people write chinese and english. So me also can mah… from the bakat..


  2. Feli – The photos were taken before and after the race. I didn\’t take any photos during the race. It would be too dirty and messy. More over, if I brought the camera in, the photos here won\’t be so little! Wahahaha! But TOP 10 was my initial target… 😦 Anyway, we\’ll be back for more next year…
    Eric – Ironically, we saw a lot of town people joining the event. In fact, almost everyone is from the town. Some even came as far as Singapore. A lot of them were frequent racers. So they have a lot of passion in running and racing. I suggest you to join us next year. Find a partner and come with us! I\’m sure it would be a great event for you…


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