Health & Wellness

A Sunday Running Around Puchong

This should be my final run before the year ends. For sure, CF and I won’t be giving up this healthy past time so soon. We would be resting and will be back for more next year!

On this special Sunday morning, May, Yin, Mein and I have joined the IOI Community Run. Two special guests appearances are Lau and Xon, my fellow friends from the office. If I’m not wrong, this is their first run of such kind. CF brought his big gang as well, separately.

This run is a bit different from the others that we’ve joined because it’s just 7.3km. But the medals are only given to the top 20 runners from each category. Certificates are given to those who finished their run within the qualifying time… and as usual, the certs are definitely in my hands. A bit disappointed as the medals quotas are of such a limited amount 😦

Image012 YB Teresa Kok officiated and flagged off the event

 Image018 Image019


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