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Another Medal on My Wall

I have added another medal in my collection from the Malakoff 12km Run 2008. This round, it was a bit different as CF did not came as he had an emergency situation with his project. EZi joined me in this race. He too got his medal! Great job! We have proven that great determination is what you need to achieve surprising and fruitful outcome…

Image001 Image002


1 thought on “Another Medal on My Wall”

  1. Bib No : A0270 Name : Thum Wai Khong Time : 1:08:14Overall Position : 372Men\’s overall position : 336A : 205Bib No : A0272Name : Lau Yee Tze Time : 1:19:54 Overall Position : 713Men\’s overall position : 611A : 369


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