Siti Nurhaliza

Catch “Lentera Timur” Soon…

Picture courtesy of SitiZone
After such a long wait, finally, Siti is coming out with her fourth contemporary tradisional album and 13th studio album, Lentera Timur. This album compiles the hardwork of various local producers and song-writers as well as one from Indonesia. Really looking forward for this album. Will there be a song as competitive and well-composed as Nirmala (from Sanggar Mustika)? Will there be a song as famous as Cindai (from Cindai)?
Look forward for it from 26 December 2008 onwards.
*Lentera Timur means light from the East. I suppose Siti is hoping that this album would be a ray of light to the local traditional music scene as it is fading away slowly from the local music industry right after Siti’s last album, Sanggar Mustika. Will this album be the light in the "dark"?

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