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It is Officially Dead

It was bought in February 2007. It has been sent back to the factory to repair its faulty directional buttons in July 2007. By then, it was still under warranty. In May 2008, we brought it with us to our Hanoi trip and upon checking in into LCCT, it went through the custom scanning and from then onwards, it became faulty. The pictures we took became either too bright, too white or with stripes.

Sent back to the shop and requested for a quotations of repair. They came back to us after more than one month waiting. The price for repair is RM450 which is to replace its lense. I told them "No, thanks!"

And today, I officially pronounce it "DEAD!"

camera1 camera2

1 thought on “It is Officially Dead”

  1. Very funny lah the way u describe it….lol… Take care bro.. be strong….. Even though it might no longer with u…But the spirit will live with us 4ever.


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