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The Best Sushi in Town

These have been my favourite sushis in town. To me, they are the best of its kind. Beating Carrefour, Tesco, Giant, Isetan and any other hypermarts. Sometimes, I find them even better than Sushi King or Yo Sushi.

They are sushis from JUSCO Mid Valley. (Only JUSCO in Mid Valley). Else where are not good at all. Those in Mid Valley are better in terms of taste, packaging, price, freshness and the best is that they include a small packet of wasabi and soy sauce in each of the sushi packs. Simply irresistible! Each time I come to Mid Valley, I never forget them.

The best time to buy them is after 8pm. There will be discounts for their fresh food products. So… what more?! Grab them fast before they are gone!!!

sushi1 sushi2 sushi5 sushi6

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