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One Day Preparing for Papa’s Birthday

We used one day to prepare all the food for papa’s birthday. His birthday is on the 12 Feb but we celebrate it earlier as it was a public holiday yesterday. We went shopping for all the raw food and ingredients for the cake and steamboat dinner.

In the afternoon, May started to bake the cake while I wash and clean the sotongs. I also washed and cut the vegetables. Later in the evening, I blended a jar of super spicy chili sauce!!! My favourite!

Then, we had our steamboat of various choices…

After dinner, I prepared the special fruit punch – longan + orange + Excel isotonic drink + red wine (optional)… Refreshing… Ahhhhhhhh….

Surprise! Surprise! Later, May took out the cake and we sang Happy Birthday song for pa… and "swallowed" the whole cake together… Yum Yum… It’s an orange cake, recipe from Ah Yin auntie. We also had some JCO donuts too, courtesy of Jacky…

Image004 Image005 Image006

Image008 Image009 Image011

Image010 Image002 Image015

Image012 Image013 Image014

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