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Trying “Little Tree” for Lunch

We went to try their lunch set in Little Tree Cafe in Entrepreneur’s Park this Wednesday. They have 6 choices of main dishes and each comes with a drink (option of lemon ice or jasmine tea).

I ordered the Japanese Seafood Udon while Xon ordered his Yangchow Mango Fried Rice. Pui Wan and Yvonne had both the same dish which is the Tom Yam Meehoon.

Eventually, we found out that their best is their jasmine tea while the worst are all their main dishes. Yes, it’s disappointing, I know. Actually I can still accept the Japanese Udon but then it could be better.

Their set lunch is priced at RM8.90 each (including drink) – RM9.80 after tax.

On the same day, our boss treated us a cheese cupcake each in the office for teatime! Hurray!!!


Image001 Image005 Ice and hot Jasmine…

Image006 Image013

Image010 Image012 

Image009 Image015 Their deco…

Image016 The cheese cupcake from The Loaf…

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