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A Visit to Kinraramas

We went to Kinraramas just now to collect our referral fee… finally, after nearly half a year waiting… It’s just a short visit as I need to rush to Cheras to pay my road tax and car insurance… Sigh… Money out again… 😦

Anyway, here are the latest photos I took with my Nokia… Can’t wait for it to be ready… The tentative date for completion is this year end… CF by early next year… Let’s pray hard for this… By then, I’ll get ready a list of "things-I-need-for-our-new-house" and you guys can choose the items as a gift during my house-warming party… Hahaha!… Don’t I make life easier for you guys?! 🙂 Hehehe… just joking!

kinraramas (2) kinraramas (3) kinraramas (5)

kinraramas (4) kinraramas (6) kinraramas (7)

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