Big Blue @ Mid Valley


The big blue whale is here in Mid Valley… It’s a relatively small-scaled exhibition held in the East Atrium, Ground Floor by NatGeo. A "statue" of a life-sized baby whale became the ‘star’ as it is the main attraction of the whole event. The setback of this event was that there were not much staff (and noise!) there to attract people and give out information about the main purpose of the whole event. Most people mainly just walk by, take photos of the whale and then go away. Actually I would like to suggest that if there are more of such event in the future, make it in a bigger scale and bring in more attractions; like interactive games or info kiosks for the public, more happening staff to attract the crowd and some freebies may help as well. I believe there will be more of such meaningful event to create awareness to the public of the importance of keeping our nature safe all living-beings in the nearest coming time. Kudos to the organiser for taking the initiative in making this an inaugural one!

whale (15) whale (4)

whale (10) whale (13)

whale (5) whale (8)

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