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A Special Father’s Day in Green Box

On Father’s Day night (21 June 2009), we went to Green Box, Cheras Selatan to sing k. Our main purpose there was not to celebrate Father’s Day but just for the sake of singing. However, when we were there, they said that father sings for FREE!!! So nice! So we only need to pay for the price of 5 pax. (We have 6 person in total). Fathers also get a free black chicken herbal soup in coconut.
We sang til we dropped on that day. We dug a lot of English oldies specially for pa to sing and don’t forget latest hits for ourselves. Haha!
Around 11pm, there was a game organised at the front entrance of Green Box. Pa and I joined the game. The first round required us (the children) to be blindfolded and to guess who is their own father by touching the hands. Another 2 pairs of a boy and a girl as well as myself got into the finals. In the final round, we were asked to write out the answers for some questions related to our own father. All the three pairs got our answers correct. So, everyone gets prizes!!!
We had a fun time there… singing from 6.30pm to 1am!!! Wow! Very tired the day after… 😦
Image001 Being blindfolded…
Image003 "Hmm… who’s papa?"
Image004 Papa found!
Image005 3 final pairs…
Image006 Everyone’s a winner!
Image007 Our prizes : a pair of car shades, a karaoke vcd (old songs) and a game cd.

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