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Jacob’s Walk of Life 2009 – Havoc!

We went to the Jacob’s Walk of Life and it’s our first time participating after their third time organizing this event last Sunday morning (21 June 09) which coincide with Fathers’ Day. It’s in Taman Metropolitan, Kepong (somewhere near Baru Caves)… There were a lot of people there joining this event. (Reported 5,000 people worr…)
Image015 The starting point…
There are too many things that the organiser must take note. Since this is NOT their first time organizing such event, it was a total mess since the beginning.
1) Parking – we were not allowed to park at the parking lots in the park. We had to park outside along the highway, which was so dangerous for people to walk from their cars to the event venue. No proper signage indicating where else we can park.
2) On-the-spot Registration – We wanted to register online earlier but the registration was closed very much earlier and the organiser asked us to register on-the-spot, which I thought should be ok. However, the large crowd which turned up wholly "attacked" the registration counter and the organizer did not manage to handle such big crowd in a proper manner. No one was queuing up although being told to which ended up having some of the crew screaming madly at the crowd asking them to queue.
3) Distribution of drinks – There were no distribution of drinks before the end of the event. Although they have a mineral water sponsor but they only sponsored one bottle for each participant which was only given out by the very end of the walk.
4) Distribution of freebies/ goodie bags – We had to "queue up" again to get our goodie bags. Eventually, everyone was not queuing up but pushing and jostling each other to make it to the front line to get the bags. This again had provoked the crew and made them scream again. It was such a bad mess.
Tips to the crew/ organiser : If you want to organise such event next time, you may want to refer to how MAKNA/Tesco did last year for their walk. Everything was well-handled and no one was screaming.
Aside from all those havoc, we did enjoyed ourselves walking in the park and taking photos with the mascots of Jacob’s. (My favourites were the biscuit tins! Cute!!!) We also saw Fara Fauzana & Faizal Ismail (Hot FM) and Gan Mei Yan & Jack Lim (MYFM) who were "duta" (spokeperson) of Jacob’s Walk of Life.
Image005 Image012
Image006 Image007
Image017 Image009 
Image011 Image010
Image019 Goodie bag!!!

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