Website Review : Waahhh.com

Everything everyone wants! Basically this is how I describe this portal. It is a point where you can find generally everything of all topics, like travel, food, jokes, gadgets, automobiles, shopping and many more.
I find this portal more versatile in their travel section. Most likely because you can find a lot of wonders here. First of all, you can search for travel packages here. Then, you can also get the latest foreign exchange rate and weather here.
For frequent travelers, you don’t have to visit each individual airline website now to book your tickets. What you can do is just click to this portal and purchase them here! Well, to my surprise, they are linked to 5 different airlines – Air Asia, MAS, Firefly, Jet Star and Tiger Airways.
Besides that, this portal also gathers informative details of food! I mean, who doesn’t like to eat? Whenever you thought of food, this site may be an alternative for suggestions of food.
Also find out the latest information on electronic gadgets and automobiles. Be the first few to know up-to-date trendsetters in the technology and cars industry.
There are more that you can get from this site. I know that they are still fresh and working very hard to provide more interest services to Web 2.0 users like us. I’m sure improvements are on the way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
In a nutshell, I think this site has its essence and idea with spacious of rooms for improvement.

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