A Flora Paradise

It’s like a paradise of flora here… Our eyes got captured by the 3 huge hot air balloons, floating in the air. It’s also my first expedition with my Canon EOS1000D. Once we got out from the car, we were too excited but to dash to the field where the big balloons were. Looking around, we realised that there were a lot more photographers, professionals or amateurs, handling their own gadgets, trying to get the best angle for their pictures. I got intimidated a bit as mine is just a "beginner" set. But I think I’m good enough to have my own DSLR. So… whatever!
We then walked around and reached the indoor area. Walked in and were welcomed by a breeze of cold air. So cooling in the closed tent. There, stood tall was the flower tower and a cute little flower tapir. There was also an area with the underwater world theme. Paradise of birds was just next to the underwater area. I don’t get it quite well. Why was the kuaci seeds rhino got fixed together with the birds? Maybe a kuaci rhino can fly kot…?! 😛
After that, it’s the burning outdoor again. We didn’t bring any umbrella. So, we walked around under the hot sun. There were numerous stalls of art and painting demos. The area I liked most was the orchid farm area. The orchids were extremely beautiful and of all species and varieties.
After walking around for quite some time, we reached the 1Malaysia theme park, with a huge number "1" and replica of KLCC Twin Tower as well as a fish (dunno what it represents)… Next to it, we found my favourite flower – HIBISCUS! But those there were not as eye-catching as those in Cameron Highlands… Oops! So, where were we actually? With all those flora and flowers I mentioned, I bet some of you might think that we were in Camerons but we were actually in Putrajaya! Yes! It’s the FLORIA’09. The Flora Festival held in Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.
Those interested, you guys can drop by anytime ’til 9 August 09. So, be quick!
IMG_0207 IMG_0255  
IMG_0222  My breakfast… 
IMG_0272  Look at those photographers below the balloons… 
IMG_0329 Flower Tower! So high!!! 
IMG_0342  Little flower tapir… Cute kan? 
IMG_0363 IMG_0383 IMG_0537
IMG_0410 Painting demo… 
IMG_0419 Beautiful painting! So colourful… 
IMG_0477 花… Orchid lah… 
IMG_0638 Bunga raya aka hibiscus… 
IMG_0649 Orkid hutan?! Looks like a crab to me…
IMG_0601 Walking flora… aka flower boys?!
IMG_0555 The loving couple… Jangan jealous…! Hehehe…
IMG_0685 The photographer… aka Dixon Thum… Muahaha!!!

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