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Yasmin Ahmad : Gone Too Soon

I believe everyone (at least Malaysians) knows who Yasmin Ahmad was… and need no further introduction about her contributions to the local movie and advertising industry from me. Those who have been following my blog would notice that I have links to her blogs (the old and new one) since a long time ago. I have been reading her blogs all this while.
From her blog, she’s such a great person that I have noticed. I do not only mean how she interpreted her feelings through her movies, but I also meant the meticulous way she answered her fans’ comments in her blog. You can actually feel her heart and emotions whenever she’s responding to a certain comment/issue. She’s so good at being herself. She’s been there in my daily life whenever I read her latest posts. From her last post, I can tell that she’s still got so much things in her mind to present to us. She’s still got so many projects planned. But she’s left us. And all her plans would not be fulfilled anymore. No matter who is taking over her projects, those will never be the same again. There’s no more "Yasmin Ahmad" touch anymore.
I will always miss her… She’s gone too soon… A great person has left us and I do believe that God loves her more.
(Even by the time I’ve finished writing this post, I still couldn’t accept the fact that she’s left us. She’s left such a great impact to myself.)

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