Walk Walk Eat Eat in Ipoh

It’s time to go home… On the way back to KL, drove down to Ipoh for lunch and ‘jalan jalan’
Look for this road and things will never go wrong…
Got our souvenirs here… Heong peng, kai chai peng, sat keh mah, pomelo and etc…

Browsing through the food display…
Huge pamela … opps… pomeloes…
Look for this sharp pink building for salted chicken and ducks… According to a friend, she said it’s the most famous one in town…
Quite cheap also… And look at the photos at the side… DJ’s from MyFM also dined here before…
We bought one salted chicken and stopped by here to eat… You can actually eat in the restaurant itself but we were trying to be a little bit more adventurous…
Step-by-step how to open the salted chicken :
Step 1 :
Step 2 :
Step 3 :
Step 4 :
Step 5 :
Step 6 :
Saw a big outlet of 100 Yen opposite Ipoh Parade… If you are aware, my favourite shaved ice is served here!!! Yeah!!!
Gigantic prosperous cat… so round geh…?
At this outlet, they even serve other drinks and food as well…
My favourite flavours : Mango, Strawberry and Peanut!!! Yummy yummy!
Drove another few hours back to KL… We were stuck in a jam for almost 1 hour plus in Tapah area… Due to an accident on the OPPOSITE road… Can you imagine how "caring" Malaysians can be?! (F**K OFF and drive… Don’t stop…!)

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