Siti Nurhaliza

I *heart* Tahajjud Cinta

Tahajjud Cinta, Siti’s latest album was finally released on 9 September 2009. It’s a different from her previous albums as this is more towards spiritual songs. Went to buy it in Mid Valley. At first, I tried Jusco, but sold out! Got it from Speedy though. Nice cover and pictures inside. The most important, her voice is still as beautiful as ever!
Share with you a funny incident when I went to ask the salesperson in Jusco about the album.
“Ada album terbaru Siti?”
The salesperson pointed at Lentera Timur (which was Siti’s previous album)
“Bukan ni lah. Yang terbaru punya.”
“Yang baru punya semua lagu Islam!”
“Itu yang saya nak! Ada tak?”
“Sold out. Yang paling last, I tengah play. Kalau u nak, I boleh bagi.”
Thinking for awhile as it’s not 100% new… “Tak pe lah.”
“U peminat Siti ke?”
Proudly saying this : “YES!”
This incident has actually made me realised that – 
Music has NO limit. It’s always human who limit themselves.

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