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My New ‘IT’ Dessert – Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert

Thanks to a colleague of mine who’s recommended this place to me. It’s located opposite Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya, same row with Pizza Hut. It’s called Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert Secrets (雪花栈). (We always call it 雪花楼 in Cantonese which sounds a bit like a brothel kinda shop in the good old days in China… Wakakaka!)
Must try their Best Seller. RM5.50 for a big bowl of shaved ice + gula melaka + condensed milk + cincau + yam and tapioca glutinous rice balls… YUMMY YUMMY!!!
A Beeping UFO… this is a new device which is given to all customers who’ve placed order. The UFO will beep and lit on when the food is ready…!
A big bowl of shaved iced PLUS all its special ingredients which makes it so special!
The owner well hung on the wall… (what’s in your mind!)
This is still early… Wait til later, the whole place will be packed with people!!!
The list of ingredients…

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