Muallaf Gala Premiere

Won 4 tickets from AMBP (Thanks Michael!) to the Gala Premiere of Muallaf. Waited so long for it to show in Malaysia. Finally the wait was worth it!
Our tickets…
It was such a surprise that a Meet-and-Greet session was arranged for us with the cast of the film. It was too sad that Yasmin couldn’t join us. I’m sure she’ll be too happy to know that we are all here to support her hard work… Thanks Yasmin for the great movie…
A blur picture taken with Brian Yap… A newcomer with massive potential… I do look forward for more of your work! 🙂
OMG! I was flanked between two Sharifah’s!!! Sharifah Armani and Sharifah Aleysha… woot… Armani has always been a great actress since ‘Sepet’ while Aleysha in ‘Mukhsin’
Dear Sharifah’s, if both of you happen to come across my blog, what I would want you gals to know is — Never stop making great films. Not only you speak for yourselves in the movies, you also speak for us in your own perculiar way… Job well done!
Dear Yasmin, you will always be missed… deeply…

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