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A Day @ the Fish Spa

It’s another day to pamper ourselves again… Got two vouchers for fish spa treatment at Kenko in Pavillion… Apa lagi?! Visited that place for the first time and had our first ever fish spa treatment… Well, just dip your legs into the fish pond and get bitten…! Hahaha! The small fish bite away your dead skin and giving you some tingling sensation while they are doing the dirty job.
Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa @ Pavillion
Dipping my feet into the fish pond…
Mein is doing the same too…! She laughed non-stop at first before getting used to the tingling sensation…
Look at the tiny little fish doctors doing their job… Job well done! Kudos!

2 thoughts on “A Day @ the Fish Spa”

  1. Cherng Wee – It\’s not blood. It\’s the reflection of the shop logo. But really look like blood horr… Good photo angle.


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