Avatar : Before & After

Frankly speaking, after watching Avatar, I wondered why were there so many movie-goers who loved it so much and highly appraising this movie. To me, it’s just another money-earning, commercialized film which did not impress me. I, personally, am not into sci-fi and fictional movies as I couldn’t relate the story to the real world.
If this movie is about love, well, I do agree that love could be across the border at times… But I don’t believe falling in love with an "alien"…
If this movie is about the environment, I think it could be better if the story is about people saving our earth. But not some other planet called Pandora… (BTW, the names used are so fake, dull and inconvincing)…
If this movie is about the ugly side of human-beings, well, why don’t they talk about our own human race disgracing our own planet and animals, creating war against other countries, polluting the earth and other shameful stuff people do.
I just couldn’t relate the whole idea to us…
Anyway, I got the tickets free. So, I have no objections watching it at the first place.
P/S : I am not against the movie creator or his team. I am just writing my feelings as someone who is not a sci-fi movie lover (like how some non-drama movie lovers do)

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