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Yummy Food We Love…

We’ve been trying out new food lately, basically, everywhere and here are some special dishes (or drinks) we wish you’ll love…
1) Old Taste Kopitiam @ Puchong
Mein’s a huge fan of this 3 layered milk tea. I liked it too! Very strong taste of pure gula melaka… Not all 3 layered milk tea are the same like this one.
2) Restoran Teow Chew Meng @ SS2
The shop…
There are a few other dishes that they serve but I love this the most! OCTOPUS!!! Yummy! Oh, and their peanut-ty sauce too! 🙂
3) Huge Curry Puff @ K3K
K3K – a new outlet in Entrepreneurs Park, Kuchai Lama (near my office lah)…
Look! Can you see how huge the curry puff is?! It’s only RM4.50 each… Buuurrpp!!!
4) Durian Pancake @ Sweet Chatz
Delicious… 3 pieces per plate…
Look at the creamy durian… gosh… drooling…

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