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New Level of Stress

STRESS – I have faced an all new level of stress lately. I couldn’t fall asleep. I couldn’t stop my mind from thinking about life-related stuff (ESPECIALLY money-related issues). I sweat heavily while trying to sleep. Negative thoughts come to me. I felt like ending all these sufferings by terminating my life. I felt like jumping down from a high building. (Yes, don’t be surprised I did!)
Eventually, I tried to talk to a few friends. They’ve helped me a lot with their advice. Their words mean so much to me. At least they made me realise that I am not the only one facing such trauma… and it’s NOT worth it. (Thanks to a friend for this power phrase).
So, if any of you is undergoing such pressure, try talk to some friends. I’m sure you’ll feel much better.

2 thoughts on “New Level of Stress”

  1. hi waikhong dearie – hang in there…everything happened for a reason. and yes, talking to ur love one could help sometimes if not turn to us, ur friends..we will always be here for you;d hugsss..have a fabulous new year ya. do ur best and the rest leave to Him above us for He will not neglect you;D


  2. Feli – thanks for ur comforting words. At least I know u\’re here with me. I\’m ok now. Hope to see u anytime soon. Hugs!


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