We Were in Bali (Part 2)

Our second day of ground tour, it was the day I fell in love… with a Barong. Barong is a mythical creature of Balinese folks’ tales. It’s a kind creature which is highly respected by the people. 
The Barong dance – almost an hour performance. It’s a story about how the Barong helped to scare away the evil spirit.
Got a chance to go on stage and took a picture with the Garuda statue…
Another picture of Barong. This is a painting found in an art gallery. I tried to take this picture by turning the lense while snapping, to give it a moving effect. 
This was taken at Kintamani volcano. Nothing much here… But a very long journey to reach this place.
Coffee plantation… tumbuk-tumbuk biji kopi… Hehehe…
Someone praying in the Holy Water temple… Each water outlet represents one symbolic meaning.
The Kecak Dance – a beautiful dance performed with human voice music…

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