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Celebrating Mother’s Day & popo’s birthday

We had a Mother’s Day-cum-popo’s birthday celebration yesterday in Legend Hotel. It’s her 70th birthday. So much memories flashed back in my mind whenever I think of popo. She’s a super lady who’s taken care of her children, grandchildren and even others’ children very well. I still remember the time when I was small, I always liked to go to her house and play. There were so many sweet memories. She’s also a great chef! I love her cookings so much. NO one else can beat her. (really, NO ONE!)
3 generations… 三代同堂
Popo and her birthday cake… It’s shaped like a peach (bought from Bread Story)… 寿桃蛋糕
A basket of red eggs… chicken and duck eggs to be exact… 一粒鸡,一粒鸭,活到一百!(Cantonese saying : one chicken egg, one duck egg, live until one hundred of age)

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