“Snap-othon” @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam (Part 1)

It’s been a long time I haven’t been to Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam. The condition there was much worse compared to the last time I was there a few years back. I wonder what they do with the collection of RM3 per pax entrance fee. Most of the facilities there were not properly maintained. For example; padi field looks like an unclaimed land, Rabbit Garden with no rabbits, Mushroom House closed with not a single mushroom available. It’s rather disappointing. Even the most famous attraction, the 4-Season House was with water dripping from the ceiling. However, there were great scenes which caught my eyes and I immediately loved and snapped them with my baby EOS.
Bicycle rental shop… right near the entrance…
Rental fee… we didn’t rent any as there were buses…
The desserted padi field…
Very much poorly maintained props…
The entrance to the Animal Garden…
Porcupines… eee, will they shoot us?
"Hello! Hello! I’m a talking parrot"
This is a cock… (or better call it rooster)
How to differentiate a pony and a horse? I duno!!!
A horse… in its ring beside the stable…
To be continued… (in Part 2)

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