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Durian & Seafood Feast in SS2

Wah!!! Durian season is back! And we’ve been waited so long for a real massive durian feast… Headed towards SS2 and look what we’ve done!
Sedapnyerr… RM10 per pax for all you can eat – D24 only! No durian kampungs ok! Wanted to try their "maosan" but quite expensive… D24 pun jadi lah
Refreshed ourselves with fresh coconut juice…
OMG! Whacked everything into the stomach! Yum yum!
After all the hard work, seemed like it paid off very well for us! Everyone was satisfied! "Burp!"
This was the stall we went to. The one next to it, OMG! Don’t even think of trying them. RM9… but durian kampung only. We paid RM10 for ALL D24! Mana lebih berbaloi? Kudos to Donald’s Durian stall.
After all the sweet-tasting durians, we all felt so hungry for some "salty" food… Yeah… SALTY. So headed to the food stalls nearby and had some seafood… Price is reasonable… RM15 for some finger licking good Garlic Butter Escargots (14 pieces per plate)
And this Nan Nan Sotong (Funny name. I think named after some kind of milk. LOL!) for just RM10. Memang sedap…! We had another plate, Kam Heong Balitong (RM8) but was quite disappointing. So not even thought of putting its picture into my Blog of Fame… Hehe…!

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