Looking for Properties in Singapore?

I just came back from Singapore. Coincidentally, I came across this website about properties in that country. Its interface is rather simple and less filled with overloading animations and graphic. It is plain, simple but yet, functional (to me at least).

If you are looking for some properties in Singapore, you may want to try this page. Just click on Singapore Properties and you will be linked to the website. On its main page, they have their featured properties as well as their top props which help to shorten your browsing time. You can also search properties according to your desired areas or districts.

I know buying a property is not like buying vegetables in the market. You will have to survey all possibilities before commiting yourself to one. The great tip here is to view some of the pictures of the desired property before going to its actual location to save your time (and the agents’/owners’. Believe me, they will thank you for that!).

However, I find the website too simple and dull. It looks incomplete and less interactive.  I believe they are doing something about its overall look and feel. It is still at its beginning stage of development. So, do look forward for a better version in the nearest future.

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