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Our 3-in-1 Party

It was a memorable day for everyone present (I hope). It was such wonderful party we had where Mein and I played hosts for this so-called “3-in-1 Party” – Housewarming-cum-Christmas-cum-Proposal Party.

Choco-macadamia Logcake

As we have planned, this was the 4th round of housewarming. It’s a warm and closed gathering where everyone has their own chance to speak and chit chat… I love this kind of feeling.

Dinner for everyone!

Well, we prepared chicken chop, spaghetti, salad and orange juice for everyone. Dessert was ‘tong-yuen’. Also, bought a choco-macadamia logcake from TK. Feel so lucky to have Mein to prepare her secret recipe – marinated chicken chop.  Delicious~!

Merry Christmas everybody~!

Gift exchange was something special too! Everyone chose their favourite numbers and stick it on their gifts. I have prepared some number cards on our small little Christmas tree. Coincidentally, each pair got the other pair’s gifts! And I got a little “choy san yeh”. So cute…! Mein got a small white clock.

Look what we've got for Christmas (gift exchange)

As for the proposal part, it was FW’s idea to do it in our home. So honoured. Me being me, prepared a slideshow for them, which even FW had no idea what’s in it. Haha! Hid the bunch of roses which he bought before they came. After the gift exchange, I distributed my presents to each of them. Riko got a CD (of the slideshow), which I played in front of them. After the show finished, FW got on one knee and proposed. This was when the flowers were brought out and he got out a ‘fake’ ruby ring from his pocket… It was so funny and you can see him being so nervous. He couldn’t say a word but just uttered “Can ah? Can ah?” Hahahaha… I laughed throughout (the whole process). After she agreed, everyone clapped and congratulated them. Well done, FW! Wish you and Riko have a great and wonderful life ahead.

"Will you marry me?"

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