CariBilik is now in Indonesia

It is surprising to know that CariBilik has developed into such a handy website. It not only helps people find rooms for rental, it also help house owners to advertise and publicise their house. In such a short period, CariBilik has grow to our neighboring country, INDONESIA!

I believe CariBilik just stepped in into the Indonesian market. Therefore they only have a few rooms in the list. However, I don’t see any trouble for them to expand quickly, like how they did well in Malaysia.

The best thing about CariBilik is that you can actually search for a room in your desired location or area. For instance, if you are looking for a room in Jakarta, just click on the link and the screen will show you the whole list of rooms available in Jakarta. You can even narrow down your search by filtering according to gender, Muslim or non-Muslim and other criteria in the drop down menu.

You can also become one of their fans in Facebook by clicking the “Like” button on their website. This is the power of social network. And don’t missed out becoming their Twitter follower. Get updates and stuff from CariBilik almost instantly with these technologies!

So, whenever you have a friend asking you “Ada kamar untuk sewa?” (Any rooms for rent?), the answer would be CariBilik.

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