Our Wedding

Date Selection

15 January 2011 – Went to Kok Chong Ming in Sentul to select our Chinese customary wedding date at a fee of RM100 only. Other places were rather more expensive than this one. It’s quite easy to find this place, but still we had to made a few rounds because we missed its shop signage. Anyway, the sifu gave us a few dates to choose. We are now in the mist of choosing our preferred dates and also availability of restaurants in Penang for the dinner with our family.

It will be a closed ceremony. Only close relatives and friends will be invited to our reception. So, do not worry. We will not “rob” you like others do! Hehehe! (Jangan marah…)

We shall anounce the date after confirmation.

It’s main entrance…

Other services available…

BTW, I have got a new Chinese name now… 譚煒礦

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