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Indulgence @ Senjakala Spa

It’s been a while I have not pamper myself in a spa, since Jogja trip which was probably 4 months back. Saw a promotion in Groupon from Senjakala Spa. Have heard of this spa for quite some time but no chance going there yet. Well, bought the coupon and what more, made an appointment with them.

Surprisingly, the way from my office to the spa was so smooth and unexpectedly no jam. The spa is somewhere near Puduraya bus station and Tung Shin Hospital. For exact location, you can refer Senjakala’s official website. As for parking, you have a few choices. Paid parkings ranging from RM3 to RM6 per entry are available. But, I parked further, nearer to Tung Shin Hospital which was free (after 6pm).

Back to the Spa, the environment was so divine and calm. Comfortable. Upon registration, I was served with a cup of hot tea. After they’ve sorted out the therapist for me, I was brought to their VIP room. WOW! It’s the Attic Lounge, the room located at the toppest level. The room has its own shower, prepared with shower gel and shampoo.

The therapist was very professional. After getting myself massaged and scrubbed, took a warm shower again and signed off. Upon signing off, the receptionist asked if I wanted to pay any tips for the masseur. This is optional.

I am definitely coming back for more.

Welcome to their 1 of 4 VIP rooms with built-in shower : The Attic Lounge

I laid on the bed and got some pampering treatment… Pure indulgence… Love it!

A corner in the room…

The built-in shower…

Missing this place already…

Signing off…

3 thoughts on “Indulgence @ Senjakala Spa”

  1. senjakala is real expensive – i usually go to kursani or cheaper places. but i did go for this groupon, they unfortunately only went halfway 😦


    1. It was my first time in Senjakala as well (via Groupon). I’m not sure about other spa around KL. I’ve heard of Kursani before, but not sure about their services.


  2. check kursani out, its good, very malay and very traditional, 3 hour massage only RM110. i only do waxing at senjakala as i cant find anywhere that is more pro


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