CariBilik Is Now Known As iBilik

Wow! CariBilik.com is now known as iBilik.com.

This website has been a useful tool to those who are looking for rooms for rent in the whole Malaysia as well as owners who wanted to rent out their properties.

In the newly revamped site, it looks like there are more locations available for users to choose from, basically, all the states in Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur having the most rooms available followed by Selangor. Also to highlight is that you can actually search and filter your search according to your own criteria. For instance, if you are looking for a house/room to share, you can filter the gender and race and it actually saves up your time to searching high and low.

For anyone looking for short-term rental like a few days or a week, try this website as well. You might find a room for your short stay and the price could be cheaper compared to a hotel. The best thing is that you can view the condition of the rooms in the gallery as well as getting its direction from the map attached on the page.

To book or enquire about any rooms, just register yourself and you will be a part of the iBilik community for unlimited possibilities in renting a room for yourself and friends or family. Forget all the hassle to having to call each owners one by one or to hunt for contact numbers from the 7-11 bulletin boards, bus stops or apartment walls. Now, all you need is to click to www.ibilik.my and you can find what you need here with some simple mouse clicks.

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