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On the First Day of Raya


It’s Hari Raya again which mean holidays and food! A friend asked us to join him to the Open House in Sri Perdana, Putrajaya. It’s our first time attending such big scaled open house, by our PM.At the main entrance… there were many people from all races and countries. Everyone’s main intention was to “visit the PM” a.k.a. “eat free”.

Well the buffet line was not too long when we arrived. What more?! Helped ourselves with the rendang, ketupat, lemang etc etc… It was quite well arranged where you see people sitting nicely together, eating their plate of food. But I think it would be better if more trash bins are prepared around the tent.

Everyone CANNOT leave the open house without the satay. But it was quite disappointing. The sauce was so watery and thin. And every round one line up, only 3 sticks were given. You want more, you queue more. Macam tak ikhlas aje!

Mein’s favourite delicacy : Putu piring.. But same case, disappointing. This what happen when you do something in large scale – quality control failure!

This was the funniest part. We saw everyone coming out from the main building was holding a nice box of souvenir from the PM. We were so curious of what’s in the box. So, after our meal, we tried our luck to “meet & greet the PM and his lovely wife”. So, we followed the queue into the Sri Perdana building. It took us about 30 minutes to so-called line to reach the front door. Everyone just jostle each other and you can hardly breathe. (I wonder if they do this every year). In less then 3 minutes after entering the building, we shook some hands of some ministers whom I hardly recognise, when ended our journey to discover what’s in the box. The mystery is finally revealed.

TADAA!!! Here you go everyone! It’s a packet of “muruku”. I love you, PM & wife!!! That’s so thoughtful to you.

Selamat Hari Raya! Ampun maaf sekiranya terdapat silap dan salah dalam pertuturan dan kelakuan pada diri saya.

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