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You Know What I Did in Bootcamp? (Part 1)

Chief’s Original Bootcamp (COBC) – This is my latest affection since June 2011. I have always been wanting to join a bootcamp when I last saw an online advert some time ago. But due to the location and timing, I did not sign up. My luck came when COBC had a Groupon promotion, RM39.90 for 12 sessions (1 month) which also came with its Inferno 4 week diet plan. I bought two vouchers; one for myself, another for Mein.

June came and we went to USJ1 for our first session. We had no clue at all what we will be doing in the bootcamp but we accepted all the challenges and tasks with open heart. It was our first benchmark assessment on the first day. We had to run 2 rounds + 10 push ups + 10 grunts + 15 sit ups for 3 sets and also do a 1-mile run. This is actually done every first day of the month.

All recruits are placed under different categories according to their benchmark results. In June 2011, I was placed under Ranger together with Mein. Starting from July onwards, I am in Delta while Mein in Seal. The different categories actually help the instructors to recognise recruits according to their physical stamina.

Many asked what do you do in bootcamp? It is not something I can answer because everyday we do different things. Some times, we do stationary exercises. Sometimes, we sprint. Sometimes, we use equipment like tyre, rifles, sandbags, ropes and etc. Sometimes, we use the wet muddy field. Sometimes, we use the basketball court. Everyday is something new and you’ll never get bored.

Then, came July when we had our Platoon Challenge. It was simply awesome. All platoons (USJ1, BU and DH) grouped together to compete against each other. We had the plank hold, last one standing, tug of war, running relay, tyre drag and lastly, Long Course Store Moves (something similar to treasure hunt). The challenge was definitely a competition among the strongest as every platoon has its own strength. However, someone has to be the winner. DHZ became the champion of the challenge and they brought home the much to-die-for boot trophy and a medal each. How I wish I could have the medal.

It’s coming to December 2011 already and it’s my 7th month of bootcamping! Gosh, that was fast! Not only bootcamp is addictive, it is also a way to keep yourself healthy and fit. I still remember myself going to gym working out but I see no results. So, what’s the result am I talking about? See it in my coming posts.

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